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Turning over a New Leaf 2016, part 1

I met Brandy a couple of years ago. She was a runner at the Running Room. She was, and still is, young, pretty, had a great smile and full of energy. She wanted to run a marathon. So she trained for a marathon. I believe it was a few weeks before her marathon in 2015 that she hurt her foot. She called New Leaf Physiotherapy to help her run that marathon. She did marvelous. However, she did not make her Boston qualifying time.

Brandy did not quit. Instead, quite the opposite occurred. She ramped up her training. Over the summer she trained even harder. In the fall of 2015, she qualified for the Boston Marathon right here in Kelowna, running the BMO Okanagan Marathon.

She is going to run Boston in 2017. But in the meantime she is busy with her passion. Her passion of helping others...

Brandy along with team, Team Tassy, are going to run across Haiti to raise money for people that live there, see below.

It is because of this passion she has for helping others, New Leaf Physiotherapy would like to help Brandy and Team Tassy to reach their goal.

Here is a write up, Brandy sent me to talk about her run across Haiti and her fundraising goals...

Team Tassy’s mission is to accompany families in Haiti out of poverty through good, dignified jobs. They, and I, too, believe in the power of jobs in ending poverty, and work in one community in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to eradicate poverty for the 500 families who live there.

To support their work and Haiti’s local economy as a job creation initiative, Team Tassy hosts an annual 230-mile (371km) ultramarathon, called the Run Across Haiti. The purpose of the run is to show that Haiti is not a place to be feared or to be pitied. Their goal is to raise $200,000 towards dignified work.

I am pleased to share that I was selected as one of forty runners to run across Haiti and will participate in the run in 2017 from February 18th to the 26th. My commitment is to do my best to complete the run and to raise $3,800 towards the organization’s fundraising goal. So, why am I running this lengthy distance? It sparks people’s attention and it promotes awareness to show that Haiti is beautiful. It shows how one foot in front of the other creates a movement- a movement towards ending poverty, one dignified job at a time.

Oh yeah, the link below is a story written about Brandy and her Team by our friends at KelownaNow!

If you are wanting to work with a Mobile Physiotherapy clinic that helps out the local community, call New Leaf Physiotherapy for your at home physiotherapy needs. 250-826-7300 to talk with Lyndsey, a certified Rehabiliation Assistant, to help you book your assessment.

New Leaf Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service that sees clients in West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country.


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