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Tip 7: Post Race Clothing

7) Post race clothing – what are you going to wear after the run?  It is a good idea to pack a little something to put on.  A long sleeve shirt, some pants or your favorite sandals maybe have someone at the end to help you get changed (preferably someone you know).  

It feels great to finish your event but it feels even better to get out of those wet, sweat encrusted, smelly running clothes and put on something nice and dry.  And warm.  

After you do an endurance event your immune system drops for a while.  Give your immune system a hand by getting yourself warm and something to eat post event.

What if you are wet and cold after a race? Hypothermia, the body temperature drops, can be fatal! Maybe you do not want shorts, as in my picture above. If you are having a race in the winter perhaps pants, toque, gloves/mittens and a warm windproof jacket should be added to your post race kit.

The New Leaf Physiotherapy Team is lucky enough to put on some Icebreaker clothing. The merino wool feels wonderful on your skin, not itchy. In addition, it helps to keep you warm,dry and it is anti-microbial (it doesn't stink!).

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