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Turning Over a New Leaf 2016, part 3

As I have talked about in Turning Over a New Leaf 2016 part 1 and 2, giving back to the community where we live in, is important. The act of giving someone, in your community, a hand up may be all that is needed to change the path that they are on. With the hope of a better, brighter future. With Turning Over a New Leaf 2016, part 3, New Leaf Physiotherapy has tried to do just that.

I asked a friend, Christy, back in November about giving back to the community and she stated that she was working with the YMCA in Rutland. You see Christy is the leader of the Sun Run clinic that occurs in Kelowna, as well as an extraordinary runner. The Sun Run is an annual 10km run that occurs in Vancouver, usually the third Sunday in April, I believe. You get to run 10km with about 50 000 of your closest friends. Yes, that is not a joke, 50 000 people run it!

The clinic itself is costly, $144 + GST, however it is a 13 week training group. In addition, you also get a paid entry into the Sun Run in Vancouver on April 23, 2017! We meet once per week, just behind the H2O Centre at the Kinsmen Fieldhouse at 6 pm on Tuesday nights. There is a short talk, usually 20-30 minutes on some topic relevant to running or healthy lifestyle, i.e. nutrition, injury prevention… From there we do a little bit of a warm up and head out in groups, and we stay in those groups i.e. nobody gets left behind, and do our workout. We meet back at our meeting place, do a little bit of stretching and be on our way. Another great thing about this clinic is the social atmosphere. You will meet a bunch of people, you will find a running partner or possibly multiple running partners at your pace. You might even make a friend or two. :) If you would like more information on signing up for the clinic this is the place to click.

Christy is not the only one that leads all the groups. There are number of different group leaders that help with the Learn to Run 10km group or the Run Stronger 10km group. I was extremely fortunate this year and Christy asked me to be one of the group leaders. In addition, she asked me to be a presenter! I will be doing one long talk and a few mini talks, 5 minutes max about different aspects of running and real life injury prevention. I am super stoked about this!

Sun Run In-Training Clinic 2017

Anyways, let me get back to what am I doing with the YMCA to promote this incredible clinic. Christy stated that she works with Rhonda at the YMCA. Rhonda is a director at the YMCA of the Okanagan. What Christy had suggested to me is to contact Rhonda about donating some spots in the clinic. So I called Rhonda and we had a great conversation. Things did not end up as early as I would have liked, i.e. gift under the tree for Christmas, for the donation. However in early January 2017, a cheque was given to Rhonda so her and her staff could find some clients that go the YMCA that would like to take the Sun Run clinic but do not have the financial means. New Leaf Physiotherapy is proud to donate 4 spots to the Sun Run 2017 clinic!

Thank you Christy for the great suggestion and Rhonda for making this come to fruition!

I am looking forward to getting back to running with a great group of instructors. Helping people do things that they did not think that they were capable of doing.

If you are wanting to work with a Mobile Physiotherapy clinic that helps out the local community, call New Leaf Physiotherapy for your at home physiotherapy needs. 250-826-7300 to talk with Lyndsey, a certified Rehabiliation Assistant, to help you book your assessment.

New Leaf Physiotherapy is a mobile physiotherapy service that sees clients in West Kelowna, Kelowna and Lake Country.

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