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Turning Over a New Leaf, 2015

We believe at New Leaf Physiotherapy (NLP) in giving to the community we belong to. A portion of all the business proceeds go towards building a fund to help a person, or people we meet through the year. This year, the recipients of the fund are a family I came to know over the past months. The family has been gracious enough to let me share their story.

At the end of this post, there is a video of what this is all about.

This past summer I received a call from Cheryl, she was inquiring about physiotherapy for her husband, Trevor and her father, Don.

Trevor had a very bad bout of pneumonia earlier in the year and was in Kelowna General Hospital’s ICU. He had been home for a couple of months now and was starting to feel congested again. He was on some new antibiotics and his wife, Cheryl, saw the ad for NLP in Kelowna General Hospital. She called to book an assessment of her husband's congested chest. Within a few weeks Trevor noticed that he was not feeling the shortness of breath as he had previously and he was getting back to normal with his everyday function.

In addition, Cheryl’s father, Don, was also in need of physiotherapy. Cheryl decided to call NLP simply because she read that the service was mobile and direct billed Blue Cross insurance. Don’s situation was a little more complex. Don recently had lung surgery and his right arm was put in an awkward position. Upon awaking, one of the major nerves to his arm was pinched off. This made using his right hand much more difficult, which was especially challenging since Don is right handed. Don was seeing a certified hand physiotherapist at Kelowna General Hospital but his neck, shoulders and right arm pain were really bothering him. These areas were assessed by NLP and Don started receiving treatment to help with the neck and arm pain the same day.

In addition, Cheryl herself had been suffering from chronic low back and hip pain for the past 4+ years. She was not convinced that physiotherapy could help her because of her past experiences. She decided to give NLP a try and see if anything could be changed. In a few short weeks, Cheryl noticed that her hips were not as sore when getting up from sitting and that she could sleep longer in one position instead of getting up and turning over every 1-2 hours. Things are continuing to improve.

Cheryl and her father were so happy with the results from NLP they introduced NLP to their, mother/wife, respectively, Diane. She was having some low back pain. Within a few treatments her back pain was greatly reduced.

For Cheryl’s courage to make the call and put her family’s needs ahead of her own, New Leaf Physiotherapy would like to award this close knit family with this year’s prize.

New Leaf Physiotherapy would like to help Levi, Cheryl and Trevor’s son, turn over a New Leaf in a few short years with a $500 donation to his RESP.

In addition, it turned out to be Levi's birthday, which made this surprise extra special

We at New Leaf Physiotherapy would like to thank our community, clients and partners. We wish you all the best in 2016!

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