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Tip 6: know the route

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

6) Route – know your route!  Okay, okay, you do not have to memorize your route.  Many people say just follow the crowd but if you are going to a smaller race, less than 1000 runners, I have seen people lose the race because they took a wrong turn!  And if you are in the lead, there is nobody for you to follow!  Nothing like making 42.2 km, into 43.2 km just because you missed a turn.

I find that this tip very helpful, to me, mentally.  When does the hill come in the course, how long is it?  How much longer to run?  Look at how far I have run already!  I feel that I have an advantage driving the course, or as close as I can get, a day or two before the race.  I visualize myself running the course in those places, not while I am driving the course though.

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