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Tip 3: Shoes

3) Shoes – not the time to try anything new.  Your shoes should be broken in nicely.  Usually it will take 3-4 weeks to break shoes in.  Whenever I am training for a marathon, I will bring in a new pair of shoes 5-6 weeks before the big day.  I want no chance of blisters, foot pain coming up to the race.  The new shoes should be similar, if not the same, as the shoes you have been training in.  It is a good idea that if you are training and really like your shoes to buy a new pair of the same shoes before they manufacturer brings out a new model of shoes.  Shoe makers sell shoes, so they come out with new models regularly and they are very rarely the same as their previous editions.  Find a shoe you like and buy second pair.

My new and old running shoe collection.

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