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Tip 1: Nothing new

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

1) Nothing new – most important one first.  For your big race, you trained, logging your miles, you made sacrifices meeting your run mates at some ungodly hour to get your 26 km run in before your child’s birthday party.  Do not screw up race day!  Everything you do should be tried and true.  Going to race in that new race shirt you just got? No!  Try the new flavour of Gatorade your friend has? No!  Run in the new pair of socks that you just bought at the expo?  No!  You trained doing 10:1’s, let’s just run until we need a walk break?  No!  Please, please, please, No!  

Simply keep doing what you have been doing in the training.  Think of your race as simply another long run, the longest in which you have done.  Keep your routine the same, or as similar as possible, traveling to race makes this tougher.  Get out there and enjoy the run with your old trusted friends (and equipment).

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