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Pelvic Health (and 2 must do tips!)

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hi everyone, Sierra here again from New Leaf Physiotherapy to talk about pelvic health physiotherapy!

While pelvic health is a new service for our team, pelvic health physiotherapists have been around the industry for years. We treat bowel/bladder problems, post-op care, pelvic pain, and everything in between. This service is not just for females! Males with pelvic health issues can benefit as well.

Now before we get too far, you may be thinking “I’ve heard of kegels, what more is there?” Well, there are many other exercises and education pieces to get you back at it! Also, a large number of people are doing kegels wrong!

There are a lot of things to look at when giving pelvic floor or kegel exercises, a couple of important tips are to do with the water closet! Here’s a few helpful hints.

1) No more kegels on the toilet! Having great pelvic floor muscle control is always a bonus. But voiding on the toilet is those muscles' time to relax! So please, no more kegels on the toilet. Appreciate how complex the process is and let your body do it’s thing!


2) Try a squatty potty! You’ve probably heard of it or seen commercials for it. Well, it’s worth the hype! Having your feet elevated on the squatty potty (or a small bench from home) creates a softer angle in your bowels/colon and can make having a bowel movement easier and more comfortable.

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