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Level 2 Upper Course in Vancouver

This is an old blog post back from 2015. It was a great weekend to help out a couple of wonderful instructors, Dave and Penny. If you are interested about the orthopaedic division, the courses that they host. You can contact me, Rob, or click on the links in the post.

This past weekend I was in Vancouver.  It was a beautiful weekend!  The sun was out and it was nice and warm.  It was one of those weekends that could make someone fall in love with Vancouver enough to want to move there.

However, I went to Vancouver this weekend to help out on a course for the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division.  It was the Level 2 Upper course.  This was the second out of four weekends.  The main instructors were Dave and Penny.  I was there to help them when needed.  This weekend we were going to tackle the thoracic spine, ribs and the elbow.  It was going to be busy!!

This course, for people that are not familiar are for physiotherapists that have already graduated and are working full or part time.  This is a course in the Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division curriculum towards the Advanced Diploma of Manual and Manipulative Therapy, which I achieved in 2009.  This course is four, three day weekends, 12 days in total.  A lot of information is imparted to the physiotherapists taking these courses.

In this course, there were 18 students, from mainly the Vancouver area there were some students/physiotherapists from Vancouver Island and Okanagan.  Lots of different experiences and a lot of questions!

Here are a couple of pictures working through the weekend with the class.  The class was held on UBC campus, mostly in the Friedman building.

I really enjoy working the with newer grads on this style of course.  There is theory and integrating the theory with the practice of physiotherapy, manual therapy.  It gives me a good sense of giving back to my profession!

I will be returning to Vancouver for the fourth and final weekend of this course in June!

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