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Injury Free Life: The Single Leg Deadlift

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Hi, it’s Rob from New Leaf Physiotherapy in beautiful Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I’m going to go over an exercise that I do when I am in the gym. It’s called a single leg deadlift and it is a hip hinge movement to activate the leg muscles on the leg that you’re standing on.

This exercise activates the glutes, the hamstrings and in addition, it works on balance and coordination. You can do the exercise unweighted, like I am in the video or you can use weights. If you are going to use a weight, hold the weight in the opposite hand to the leg you are standing on. For example, if I am standing on my left leg, I will hold the weight in my right hand.

I’m going to show you two different angles of this exercise, in the video.

To do the exercise, stand on your left leg and bend forward, from that hip. Your right leg goes up and stays in line with your torso. Try to reach down to touch the ground with your right hand and come back up.

This exercise looks fairly easy and it will become easy with practice. However, initially this exercise can be quite a challenge for your balance. One way to modify the exercise is to have something to hold onto to help maintain your balance. You can hold on to a counter top, at home, a machine or a wooden dowel, in the gym. Please make sure that you don’t fall over and hurt yourself.

I hope you use this exercise to hip injury proof your body!

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