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2017 Canada Summer Games

It has been a little while since I wrote a blog post. There are many things happening in the life of a mobile physiotherapist. One of which, that is quite exciting is that I have been chosen to attend the Canada Summer Games, CSG, this summer!

The process is something like this, you apply through Sport Physiotherapy Canada and then your application, if you make the first cut, goes to the host society. Then the CSG medical organizational team looks at all the applicants and either you get picked or you do not. There are certain things that they look for. For example, that you are willing to volunteer the entire two weeks. It is a large commitment. Being away from friends, family and having to take vacation for two weeks from work just add to it.

It is always a great honour to work with the up and coming elite Canadian athletes. This will be my 5th Canada Games. I have worked with the Games from coast to coast, from Whitehorse in the Yukon, to Halifax and PEI on the East Coast of Canada. They all been wonderful experiences.

This year, 2017, the Canada Summer Games are in Winnipeg. Right in the middle of Canada. I am looking forward to going to Games. These games seem to be a little bit different. I have received multiple emails from the host committee about me attending the Games. I have been chosen to be the main therapist for the softball venue. I will be on the ball diamond a lot of the time. I will not only be working at the softball venue, but I will be working at the polyclinic. It is the name of the clinic that has the multiple health care practitioners in it. For example, there will not only be physiotherapists, but also athletic therapists, sports doctors and massage therapists to name a few.

I will be stationed out at the John Blumberg Softball Complex in Winnipeg. The first week of the CSG’s will be male softball. The second week, will be female softball. I really like the idea of having being at one place for the 2 weeks, in addition to the polyclinic. One reason being familiarity, that is that I know the venue. After the first couple of days at the venue, you get to know it really well. Who to contact for an emergency, where the ambulance will arrive, get the actual protocol in place, when the best snacks are delivered… It is one thing to know the emergency protocol on paper, it is absolutely something different to know it during an emergent situation. In addition, and more importantly, you get to know the people at the venue. You can make some really good connections with the people at the different venues. More than just a casual ‘Hello’ but you get to find out all about them. Where they live and what they do or what they did because many of the volunteers are seniors. Getting to know the people behind the Games is one of the great things I really enjoy. It is funny that people think that because you are from out of town you will not remember them. The next day, you show up for your shift and the same volunteers are there. You say good morning to them by name, without looking at their name badges, and I find that many people really like that. It is a small thing but isn’t the small things that count. It is what turns the volunteer checking you into your shift, into John, from Steinbach, Manitoba, that was the general manager at the Ford dealership and drives each way everyday to volunteer. Or Donalda from Winnipeg that lived her entire life in Winnipeg and decided that she wanted to try something, new after her husband passed away a year ago and give back to her community. I am very excited to meet the Donalda’s and John’s of the CSG’s almost as much as working with the athletes.

John Blumberg Softball Complex from:

Going to the CSG’s are not as easy and as glamorous as people make them out to be. You have to always be present at every game, not just hanging out in the sun and watching the softball games. This year Winnipeg, which is famous for its mosquitoes are having a larger than normal infestation of mosquitoes. In addition, caterpillars are there, a couple of different types, in extra large numbers this year. The insects, hot sun, high humidity will make things challenging. I will bring some bug spray and sunblock with me, as well as a couple of water bottles. As we all know, hydration is key to staying on your game. And we all know that I have to be on my game to help the athletes of the 2017 Canada Summer Games stay on their game!

While I am away, please contact Sierra for appointments with New Leaf Physiotherapy. She has been an amazing addition to the New Leaf team. Sierra can be contacted at or 250.300.7931 (phone/text).

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