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2015 BMO Okanagan Marathon

New Leaf Physiotherapy would like to say congratulations to all the runners in this year's BMO Okanagan Marathon weekend. I personally know many of my running friends are competing in all the different events this weekend, the 10k, half-marathon and yes, there are a few crazy's doing the full marathon.

This is one of the best courses I have ever run. Everything about this course says fast time and it is beautiful.

Here is my take on the course. After a quick little run through downtown, runners are off through a little bit of the industrial area, past the Sun-Rype plant, then a turn on Gordon and you start to head back towards the base of Knox Mountain. A great memory of mine was running this race, the half marathon, and as I got closer to Knox Mountain the smell of bacon got stronger and stronger. Someone in the area must have been cooking breakfast on their BBQ. A couple of my fellow runners made jokes about where they were going after the race to eat. It was just a fun memory. Back on route, the runners will then head down Manhattan and around the little community on the water, back down water front, through City Park, 10k is finished.

The half and full marathoners carry on, under the bridge and into my home turf, Kelowna South. I am really glad that the race took out the little foot bridge in the race, that place seemed to be a bottle neck of runners, walkers and spectators. The runners head down Abbott street all the way to Gyro Beach, one of Kelowna's many gems, across Pandosy, making their way back to KLO Road, then around the Okanagan College. The runners then cross Ritcher, go through Pandosy shopping district, cross on West Avenue, back onto Abbott Street, this time heading for home. They run past Kelowna General Hospital, Strathcona Park and the little beach access points along Abbott. Turning left at Harvey, going back under the bridge and the Half-marathoner's are in the home stretch. The Full-marathoner's like it so much that they are going to do it all again (I told you they were crazy :) ).

The weather should cooperate this weekend, rain on Saturday. Sunday looks to be cool, calm and sunny! Ever since I have lived in Kelowna, this race day has always been awesome. It is usually in the +single digits at the start and ending the low double digits, minimal wind. The weather conditions always seem to be near perfect.

Specifically Brandy, RJ, Janice, Liz and all the other people I run with on a regular basis, best of luck to you and have a great run! I hope to see you all on the course and get some great photos to share.

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