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Midsummer 8 km in Kelowna

This post was originally posted by in 2015. Unfortunately, this year's, 2020, Midsummer 8 km race in Kelowna was concelled due to the COVID craziness happening around the world.

I would like to congratulate RJ Dueck, the race director this year's Midsummer 8 km road race.  It is a sweet course, starting in the beautiful Gyro Beach in Kelowna, BC.  Then heading down Abbott street over the foot bridge and into City Park where the runners turn around and follow their route back to Gyro Beach where they finish.  I thought about entering the race but know RJ was looking for more volunteers.  I decided to forgo running and give a helping hand to Mr. Dueck.  I even got another friend, Vesa, to help me out with the volunteering.

When you enjoy a sport so much it is sometimes hard not to participate in every event. However, just because I could participate/ run in the event does not mean that I have to run in the event.  I decided to show my support for the runners, friends and organizers that put on the running events.  When we participate in events, we sometimes do not think about all that has to be done to put the event together.  It is a challenge and I hope that my volunteering in the community makes their job a little bit easier.

I learned the power of volunteering from my parents.  They were both excellent role models for me.  They spent countless hours volunteering, literally in the thousands of hours, for nursing homes, fundraisers...  It makes me feel good about getting up early on a weekend to give a little bit of my time to a sport I enjoy so much.

Thanks, RJ!

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