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Serving Kelowna B.C. and the Surrounding Area.

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Dear New Leaf Physiotherapy Clients,


New Leaf Physiotherapy is staying up to date on COVID-19 recommendations from the CPTBC, the BC Centre for Disease Control and others.

We take your health and safety very seriously.  We do not want to compromise you or your family's well being. We are taking precautions to maintain, not just your safety, but the ones you love as well. 

We will be washing our hands, spraying our beds with a cleaning solution and using hand sanitizer, as usual.  In addition, we will be preforming ongoing COVID screening with our clients, on the day of their appointment.  

We will be contacting our most vulnerable clients and asking them to reschedule their appointments at a later date.  If you do not feel comfortable, please contact your practitioner and we will gladly reschedule your appointment.    

We are doing our part.  However, we need you, our clients, to do your part as well.  If you suddenly develop a dry cough,  fever and respiratory distress (harder to breathe).  Please seek medical attention and cancel your appointment.  

The Interior Health COVID-19 Testing Center is located at:

1280 Ethel Street, Kelowna BC, V1Y 2W7

For COVID-19 testing/information in Kelowna go to Interior Health's website:

and click on the box in the white banner that says "COVID-19", it is in the top left, next to the Interior Health logo.

Please see our blog post for more information and links to multiple resources. 



New Leaf Physio: a Kelowna physiotherapy clinic that is mobile and comes to you on your schedule. No more packing up the kids and driving around to look for a parking spot for physiotherapy. NLP arrives, sets up, assesses and treats, packs up and leaves. While you stay in the comfort of your home.


NLP prides itself on treating our clients one at a time. No running between clients, wondering when your physiotherapist is going to return. Your physiotherapist stays with you throughout your entire assessment and treatment.


Here at NLP we pride ourselves in taking a hands-on approach when assessing and treating our clients. No hooking you up to a machine and coming back later. We give you our undivided attention, not only with your assessment and treatment, but throughout your entire recovery process.



Our mobile physiotherapy team provides in-home physio to Kelowna BC and surrounding areas.


Each of our physiotherapists use a variety of techniques that include manual physiotherapy, Dry Needling (IMS) and Exercise Rehabilitation techniques to rehabilitate and treat common conditions such as vertigo, neck pain,  headaches,  tennis elbow, low back pain, sciatica, iliotibial band syndrome, hip dysfunction, knee dysfunction, running injuries as well as multiple post surgical conditions including total knee and hip replacements, post surgical hip fracture, post surgical spinal surgery laminectomy with and without fusion/instrumentation (if the surgeon puts metal/screws in the back).

Meet our team, (L to R) Henry Kohn, Rob Ewanuk Alyssa Green, Sierra Castonguay and Kaz Kikuchi. 


Trusted. Knowledgeable.  Convenient.








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Chronic Pain




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Manual Physiotherapy


Dry Needling (IMS)

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