The end of the year is coming fast.  It seems as if there are more obligations than normal this time of year.  For example, school Christmas concerts, Christmas parties…  These can keep you constantly on the go.  So much so that you forget the most important thing… you!  Taking care of yourself  in this busy time of year does not have to be so difficult.  New Leaf Physiotherapy comes to your home and helps you take care of you!  

Many benefit/extended health plans go on a calendar year, that is the start in January but that means they end in December.   Do not wait until January 1 to start taking care of yourself, you will lose all your benefits for the rest of 2016!

Here are 4 reasons why making an appointment now can help you make the best of your health benefit plan.

The quote says "when you say 'yes' to others make sure you are not saying 'no' to yourself

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1. Take care of yourself – I know it sounds so simple.  Take care of the smaller issues before they become bigger.  People all around you depend on you, your spouse, your children.  If you do not take care of yourself, it may be difficult or impossible for you to care for others.  In addition, it teaches your children not to take care of themselves, when they see you not taking care of yourself.  Trust me, they see and hear everything!

2. Premiums – these are things that you pay to get your benefits.  You pay for them every month of the year!  Sometime a couple hundred dollar per month!  Why would you pay for something and not use it?

There are a bunch of $100 bills going down the drain

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3. Yearly maximums – many benefit plans have a yearly maximum you can claim for each individual service.  Any that you do not use, does not get rolled over to next year’s benefit maximums, they are lost… forever.  If you are feeling sore, stiff or achy and have not reached your annual maximum, what are you waiting for?

4. Book your appointment ASAPbooking now, instead of waiting for the last minute could save you hundreds of dollars!  Many clients try to book in the last week of December when they realize that their benefits are going to run out and appointment slots go at a premium.  In addition, waiting longer while you are sore or injured will typically take more rehab sessions than if it was taken care of sooner.  



As the famous saying goes, “Use it (your health benefits) or lose it (come December 31)”.  

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