New Leaf Physiotherapists Janice Coverly Rob Ewanuk Sierra Castonguay

Janice Coverly

Janice Coverly, PT.


Janice is a graduate of Queen's University, in Kingston, Ontario, and has over 30 years experience as a physiotherapist in hospitals, private clinics and community.

In 2010 she relocated, from Toronto, to the beautiful Okanagan Valley, city of Kelowna. She played on her high school basketball and soccer teams and also has a life-long love of music and theatre with extensive musical training and performing. In addition to her physiotherapy practice, Janice has taught voice and piano.

Rob Ewanuk

Rob Ewanuk, PT

Rob graduated from the University of Alberta in 2003. He worked in Lacombe, Alberta for 5 years in private practice, working with people to heal their injuries. He then moved out east to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he continued on in private practice and then worked with the Canadian Armed Forces at CFB Stadacona. Working with the men and women that serve our great nation brought him a lot of personal satisfaction and success. Thus, Rob comes with high recommendations. During his time with the Canadian Armed Forces, Rob became highly skilled with orthotic prescription.
Sierra Castonguay

Sierra Castonguay, PT

Sierra was born in Kamloops, BC. She grew up playing soccer, volleyball, basketball and spent lots of time on the snow at Sun Peaks. She became interested in becoming a physiotherapist as a young athlete. Her early exposure to physiotherapists helped her realize what an impact they could have on sports, activity, and quality of life.